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Since 1978, The Angelus has examined serious Catholic thought on faith, culture, morality, and family life. Today, after more than thirty years, The Angelus continues to represent a bastion of traditional Catholic teaching.

We encourage you to read The Angelus for yourself and for your family.

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Nate Vaughan
Excellent, consistent, Catholic

To respond to the one star review calling the SSPX a cult, this is ignorant calumny on the part of the gentleman. The SSPX is a priestly society formed according to all norms of canon law and permissions of the Church. It is currently stigmatized for only one reason ... wait for it ... the priests of this society refuse to accept or participate the obvious heresies contained in Vatican 2 documents, including religious indifferentism, which popes previously condemned in the strongest terms. They likewise will not follow instructions to celebrate the new mass, because they have sound theological reasons why the new mass is to be considered Protestantized, not including the many abuses and sacrileges which are commonplace in the new mass. Every Catholic should look carefully to compare the teaching of the novus ordo to perennial Catholic dogma and teaching. They are not the same.

The Angelus is a very intelligent Catholic resource. If one is staunchly liberal, read America magazine and leave the Catholic Church for something in line with your views.


Thank you for reading the Angelus Magazine and your support. We have unpublished the one star review you refer to, as it was not an actual review of the 2 yr Subscription. We do remove reviews for a few reasons, but most often because it is apparent the review hasn't read or used the given product.
Thank you again, and God bless you.

Robert J. Palanza
Buying On Line

First, I am NOT a robot. I wish to renew my subscription to Angelus but for reasons unbeknownst to to me, I am prohibited by this contraption from doing so.
Inevitably, it seems that after four or five rounds with your website, wether purchasing books or attempting to donate I find myself down for the count and having to resort to a telephone call “when and if I can find the time.”
Strange and curious, however, I refuse to be intimidated and will try at another time. If you’re out there, please ask for my credit card number and I will be happy to oblige.
Thank you, Rob Palanza, Venice FL