Marriage Mass Booklet

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"I will not eat nor drink here this day, unless thou first grant me my petition and promise to give me Sara thy daughter . . . The angel said to Raguel: “Be not afraid to give her to this man who feareth God..."

                                                               - Taken from the Rite of Betrothal, (Tobias 7:8)

The ancient rite of Betrothal calls down the blessing of God on the couple so that the time before their wedding might be filled with grace and solemn preparation for this enormous step. 

The beautifully moving but short ceremony not only blesses the individuals intending to wed but also elevates the engagement ring to a sacramental. 

All couples, dating, engaged, or long-time married should read this beautiful rite to keep the majesty of the sacramental bond they share, or are about to share, fresh in their mind.

This booklet contains the entire Wedding Mass as well as the Wedding Ceremony and the Rite of Betrothal.  In Latin and English. With Instruction before and after the Marriage ceremony.

52 pp. Softcover