The Last Mass of Padre Pio

Alessandro Gnocchi and Mario Palmaro

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The startling truths uncovered by this book will forever change the way Catholics view the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

On September 23, 1968 after having borne the stigmata for exactly 50 years, the saintly Padre Pio died. This holy mystic spent his life as a living imitation of Christ and is the only priest in history to bear the stigmata. During his life, in spite of the physical pain he endured, Fr. Pio continued to say his daily Mass. But part of his suffering was unknown. Fr. Pio wrote a petition appealing directly to Pope Paul VI so as to obtain permission, from the highest ecclesiastical authority on earth, to never be required to say the Novus Ordo Missae.

The existence of this petition was kept secret from the public . . . until now.

Things to learn about this holy friar:

  • Mystical vision and calling to be an Alter Christus
  • Life-long combat with the demonic spirits
  • Profound physical suffering especially during the Canon of the Mass
  • His loyalty to the traditions of the Church and the Mass of all times
  • His pious admonitions to his spiritual children

“Later, as an aged Capuchin friar, the mere thought of the liturgical reform, which would take effect in 1969, was sufficient to raise in him a holy horror. Throughout his life the holy friar had been obedient even unto martyrdom, but at this time the only request he dared to put forth to the authorities of the Church was to be exempted from the novelties of the impending liturgical reform.”

For the first time published in English read the startling testimony and eyewitness accounts of close friends and spiritual sons of Padre Pio as they reveal his thoughts on the sanctity of the Mass, the changes occurring in the Church during his lifetime, and the chilling effects they would have on the future. Look behind the cloister wall and discover a side of Padre Pio you’ve never seen before.

216 pages. Softcover. Photographs. 

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Customer Reviews

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Bob Smith
Very enjoyable Padre Pio book!

He is my favorite saint and I already have a number of books about him, but I can't get enough of this great saint, so I had to buy this book! That being said, I really enjoyed this book. It's a pleasant read for anyone. Not too theological. Not too philosophical. Just right.

I just want to add the title is a bit misleading. I was under the impression this book was going to focus mostly on his "last mass", but was surprised to find out it's basically a book full of interesting Padre Pio stories. The "last mass" is covered in the beginning of the book, but from there it goes off into all kinds of other Padre Pio stories. Very enjoyable read. Any fan of the Padre will enjoy this! Highly recommend!

Patrick Murtha
Cultivating How I See the Mass and the Priesthood...and Padre Pio

When I first opened “The Last Mass of Padre Pio, public Masses were being halted due to the COVID-19. I confess, Padre Pio did not make my list of prefer-to-talk-to saints. My appreciation of this pious father has changed, and this book has changed it. The book begins as a Bellocian pilgrimage to understand this Saint who was marked with the passion of Christ (the only priest with the stigmata), who wrestled daily with the devil, and whose Masses and confessional drew thousands.

While the book is a biography of Padre Pio, it is so much more than that. It is about the Mass as the Sacrifice of Calvary, seen through the torments and the tortures that Padre Pio would suffer in the Mass. But it is more than that. It is also about the importance of confession and what a good confession means, as heard through the long hours that Padre Pio, with his gift of insight into souls, spent in the confessional. But it is even more than that! It is, if the book may be summed up in a few words, about the priesthood.

Padre Pio is a priest’s priest, who, like two other Pius’s, epitomized the priesthood: the victim that is sacrificed for man on the altar, in the confessional, and in every aspect of his life. This is what the book is about: how a priest is truly a victim-soul—at least spiritually. It is nearly impossible to walk away from this book without a deeper understanding of this modern Saint, but also a renewed reverence for the Mass, for the Sacraments, for the Priesthood.

Susan Kephart
Stirring, relevant, prophetic

Fabulous book!
"The world may survive without the sun, but not without the Holy Mass." Thus the Holy Mass is targeted for destruction by the devil, and Padre Pio defended the Tridentine Mass with his intense sufferings united to those of Christ, especially during the Holy Sacrifice.

This is a book you will want to share with family and friends, and your priest. Probably even strangers!

Nicky McCloskey
The body of Padre Pio was found to be missing during the exhumation on May 2, 1999.

Padre Pio’s body was not found to be in it’s three tonne Italian marble tomb, which had been cemented to the floor of Capuchin church of Santa Maria Della Grazzie, when exhumation was attempted Om May 2, 1999 in preparation for his beatification. This story was reported in Italian media and re-reported on Catholic Family News in October 2002.
The only items found in the tomb were Padre Pio’s robe, white cincture & sandals.
As related by Padre Pio’s close friend Mr John McCafferty, Padre Pio said that he would not be in his tomb when the vast numbers of pilgrims came to venerate his remains, such was his humility.
In context of ‘the last Mass of Padre Pio’ this is an important fact as Padre Pio did not say the Novus Ordo in life so why would he give witness in death by being present in the (grotesque) Sanctuary of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina in San Giovanni Rotondo where the Novus Ordo is said?