Toward Easter

Fr. Patrick Troadec, SSPX

SKU: 8760  |  ISBN: 9781949124255

“O God, who desirest not the death, but the repentance of sinners, in Thy goodness vouchsafe to bless these ashes which we purpose to put upon our heads in token of our lowliness and to obtain forgiveness: so that we who know that we are but ashes…may deserve to obtain from Thy mercy the pardon of all our sins, and the rewards promised to the penitent.” – Meditation on Ash Wednesday.

Fr. Troadec’s best-selling series continues in this third book Toward Easter. Father uses the liturgy of the Lenten season to assist us in our daily prayer, meditation and spiritual growth.

Each of the daily meditations covered in this book includes a:
  • Quote taken from Scripture, the Mass, or the Spiritual Fathers.
  • Meditation: A particular truth of the Faith and how it applies to us.
  • Prayer: Two short daily prayers for the reader to choose from.
  • Thoughts: Daily recollections that illustrate a profound point.
  • Resolution: Three simple and practical resolutions.

Anyone looking to draw closer to God through the liturgy of His Church while developing the habit of daily spiritual reading and meditation needs to read this series! It continues to be a wonderful and trusted aid for Catholics of any age or walk of life. A profoundly Catholic and truly practical guide to daily growth in holiness.

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Alphonsus Jr.

Like the others in this series, don’t hesitate to buy this one.