2019 Conference for Catholic Tradition

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12 Incredible Talks on Modern Family & Marriage Issues
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Conference Talk titles from 2019 Conference for Catholic Tradition

  • Introduction - Matrimony is the Foundation of the Family / God's Right Over the Heart – Fr. Jurgen Wegner, US District Superior, SSPX

  • How Rousseau's Educational Theories Affect Us Today – Rev. Father Juan Carlos Iscara

  • Original Sin and Its Consequences – Bishop Bernard Fellay

  • The Danger Lurking Online – Rev. Father Sean Kilcawley

  • Raising Men in the Modern World – Rev. Father Daniel Muscha

  • Protestant Influence on Family Life – Dr. John Rao

  • The Family and Vocations – Bishop Bernard Fellay

  • The Importance of Fathers to Their Daughters – Mother Mary Joseph, Superior of the Franciscan Convent of Christ the King

  • The Need for Roots: Family, History, and Memory – Rev. Father Juan Carlos Iscara

  • Maria Goretti – Mr. Andrew Clarendon

  • Raising a Catholic Family Today: A Call to Hope – Rev. Father Gerard Beck

  • Roundtable Q/A Session – TBA

  • Conclusion: Sacramental Grace of Marriage a Source of Unlimited Hope in the Darkest Times of History

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