Underwriting Opportunities at Angelus Press

If you wish to underwrite the production of any of the following projects in their entirety, we will happily dedicate the book according to your wishes—perhaps a dedication to a loved one or a particular prayer intention.

2024 Liturgical Calendar - $16,000

Features the feasts of the liturgical year. Our complete liturgical calendar includes the rank and liturgical color of each day of the year according to the 1962 Roman Missal, as well as current disciplinary law and recommended traditional discipline for all days of fast and abstinence.

1962 Kyriale - $5,000

This will be a simple presentation of the Kyriale for parish use. Unlike the full hymnal, this edition will offer only the most common Masses sung in US parishes. We hope this little edition will help in making the Traditional High Mass more accessible to the Faithful; that they will be not only more fully experience the glories and beauty of the High Mass, but by using this little edition will better be equipped to add their voices to eternal prayers being offered.

Reprint of the 1962 Daily Missal in English and Spanish - $124,000

Perhaps our biggest and most needed product. Once again we need to go back to press on our Missal. This year we are adding in a special run of Spanish Missals to take advantage of volume discounts in production. Won’t you help us keep this invaluable book in stock.

I've used many 1962 daily missals, and this is by far the best. Best written, best illustrated, best font, best commentary, most compact. Nothing beats it.
– from reader reviews AngelusPress.org

That He May Reign - $5,500

New for Angelus Press in 2023 - One of the most important works concerning the Reign of Christ the King. Essential material for all Catholics! 

If you are interested in Underwriting a project, please contact Mr. James Vogel at Angelus Press for details about sponsorship of one of these or any other book project. Please call 1-800-966-7337, extension 315.