2010 Conference Audio: The Defense Of Tradition

Angelus Press

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Over the weekend of October 15-17, 2010, Angelus Press hosted its first annual conference in Kansas City, Missouri. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Society of St. Pius X, nearly 700 people convened at the Hilton Hotel near the Kansas City airport for three days of talks, socializing, and mutual support. Bishop Bernard Fellay, the Superior General of the Society, was the keynote speaker and offered a pontifical High Mass Sunday morning at the historic St. Vincent de Paul Church.

8 CD Set

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Introduction and the 40th Anniversary of the SSPX - Fr. Arnaud Rostand, Superior US District

The Popes in the Life of Archbishop Lefebvre - Fr. Juan-Carlos Iscara, SSPX

A Bishop Speaks at the Council - Mr. John Vennari, Catholic Family News

The Holy Mass, Heart of the Church - Fr. Kenneth Novak, SSPX

I Accuse the Council - Fr. Scott Gardner, SSPX

Forty Years of Fidelity - Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General SSPX

The Salvation of Religious Life - Fr. Cyprian, OSB

Education of the Youth - Fr. Michael McMahon, SSPX