2014 Conference audio: The Mass: Heart of the Church

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Each year, Angelus Press invites Catholics from all over of the world to come and consider important aspects of the Catholic Faith through a series of talks given by traditional Catholic priests and speakers. In the fall of 2014, Angelus Press welcomed over 500 souls who traveled to Kansas City to attend the 5th Annual Conference for Catholic Tradition. Over the weekend of October 10th, 11th, and 12th, a topic that is both vital to Catholic culture and to Catholic spirituality was considered and contemplated: The Mass, Heart of the Church.

We encourage Catholics to listen to these talks and find a renewed source of Light, Strength, and Peace in attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - which is the Heart of the Church. Presenting 13 important lectures from traditional Catholic speakers, this Angelus Press Conference is available now.

12 CD set

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Speakers and Topics:

The Symbolism of the Offertory - Fr. Couture, SSPX

The Mass in Times of Persecution - Fr. Iscara, SSPX

Apologetics: What is Our Objection to the New Mass? - Fr. Themann, SSPX

The Spirituality of the Holy Sacrifice - Fr. Rutledge, SSPX

Ecumenism: The Original Sin of the New Mass - John Vennari, Catholic Family News

The Motu Proprio and the Future of the Mass - Michael Matt, The Remnant Newspaper

Luther and the Protestant Attack on the Church - John C. Rao, Ph.D., Professor at St. John's University

Archbishop Lefebvre and the Traditional Mass - Bishop Tissier de Mallerais, SSPX

The Mass as Vehicle of Catholic Culture - Andrew Clarendon, M.A., Professor at St. Mary's Academy and College

Sermon at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church Bishop Tissier de Mallerais, SSPX

The Mass and Catholic Marriage - Fr. Wood, SSPX

A Diocesan Priest Discovers the Traditional Mass - Monsignor James Byrnes

Conclusion - Fr. Wegner, SSPX, District Superior for the U.S.


Customer Reviews

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Richard Melvin
Excellent topic and excellently presented.

I learned more about the TRUE Mass, the NO-Mass and the impact the traditional Mass has had on civilization. But most of all, it has given me a deeper appreciation of the mission of preserving it, undertaken by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

Allen Rutledge
Although this was only the third conference my wife and I have attended, I felt it was the best.

To hear through Frs. Couture, Themann, Rutledge, Wood, Iscara and Bishop Tissier de Mallerais in their conferences many essential components of the mass both spiritual, symbolic and practical gave us a deeper appreciation for the traditional mass. It also helped me better understand how the enemies of tradition are well informed and have used this knowledge to "de-construct" the mass to its present state in the novus ordo. The lay speakers like John Vennari addressed the purposefulness of this attack on the mass and made clear that it wasn't an accident or haphazard in design. If you missed the conference, you owe it to yourself to get the recordings of the talks.