2022 Conference for Catholic Tradition - Restoration Audio

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The 2022 Angelus Press Conference for Catholic Tradition took as its theme "Restoring All Things in Christ." Moored in Pope St. Pius X’s motto, “Instaurare omnia in Christo,” the Conference applied the traditional wisdom of the Catholic Church to a broad array of spiritual, moral, and practical ailments that undermine contemporary society.

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2022 Conference Full Audio - Restoration Of All Things In Christ The King 

Track 1: Introduction - Fr. John Fullerton
Track 2: The Role of Creation - Robert Wyer MA
Track 3: The Continuation of the Archbishop's Work - Fr. Shane Pezzutti
Track 4: How to Restore Hope - Fr. John McFarland
Track 5: The Restoration of Beauty - Dr. John Tardiff
Track 6: The Restoration of Education - Fr. Alexander Wiseman
Track 7: How the Church Has Conquered - Dr. John Rao D. Phil. Oxon
Track 8: The Dialogues of Gregory the Great - Christopher Check
Track 9: The Heart of True Restoration - Bishop Bernard Fellay
Track 10: The Carmelite Martyrs of Compiegne - Andrew Clarendon
Track 11: Sermon at St. Vincent de Paul - Bishop Bernard Fellay
Track 12: The Restoration of Social Order - Michael King MBA JD
Track 13: Restoration of the Benedictine Tradition - Fr. Cyprian OSB
Track 14: Q & A and Conclusion - Fr. John Fullerton

Gone are the days when the public sphere was shaped by natural and divine law. The world today in its many facets, the political, economic, medical, educational and cultural are not Christian, but rather materialistic and pagan. This reality does not, however, erase our true purpose to know, love, and serve God. In order to restore the reign of Christ the King over public life we must re-infuse society with the unchanging Truths of the Catholic Faith both for the good of society and the individual souls which comprise it.

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