2023 Conference Audio - The Catholic Family in the Modern World

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Recordings of the 2023 Angelus Press Conference are now available! 

This year's timely theme, "The Catholic Family in the Modern World," is essential for every Catholic. We face immense challenges articulating and defending our principles in an increasingly secular, anti-Catholic culture. Now more than ever, it is imperative that we come together in the Mystical Body both to understand the struggles facing Catholic families and help support one another in our duties as followers of Christ.

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2023 Conference Full Audio - The Catholic Family in the Modern World. 

Track 1: Introduction - Fr. John Fullerton
Track 2: Historic Breakdown of the Family - John Rao D.Phil.Oxon.
Track 3: Goal and Spirit of Education - Sr. Marie Sabina
Track 4: Instilling Discipline in an Undisciplined Age - Fr. Paul Robinson
Track 5: Reclaiming the Lost Art - Robert Wyer MA
Track 6: Modern Apologetics for New Problems - Fr. David Sherry
Track 7: Beauty Will Save the Neighborhood - Leila Marie Lawler
Track 8: Talking to Your Children about the Mysteries of Life - Fr. Gerard Beck
Track 9: Technology in the Home - John Cuddeback Ph.D.
Track 10: Christ as Teacher - Fr. Davide Pagliarani
Track 11: What Should a Catholic Think About Addiction - Randall Flanery Ph.D.
Track 12: Preparing for Adulthood - William Fahey Ph.D.
Track 13: Growing up in Catholic Switzerland - Bshp. Bernard Fellay
Track 14: Conclusion - Fr. John Fullerton

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Nate Vaughan
Fantastic, invaluable

Family is the most critical thing these days to protect. These excellent talks give practical and insightful wisdom on how to live as a father and mother and to raise the Saints we want.