A Family of Brigands in 1793 Paperback

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A Family of Brigands in 1793 

Plunged into the disasters following the murder of King Louis XVI, Marie de Sainte-Hermine shares the eye-witness account of her noble family’s struggle against the tyranny of the Revolution. She tells of her gilded childhood, the Vendean War of 1793, the massacres and atrocities of the revolutionaries, and the sinister prison of Nantes where her family paid the ultimate price. In spite of the darkness brought on by the Terror, the light and power of Christian nobility and virtue always endures. This story will inspire all who read it and stands, to this day, as an enduring example of Catholic heroism in times of persecution and war.  

This is a Catholic historical adventure filled with intrigue, disguises, escape, betrayal, revenge, danger, death, and love. It exemplifies the Catholic ideals for marriage and shows how God must be served above all else even when revenge and hate are common everywhere. 

“In reading the history of your ancestors who have suffered so much here below, you will understand better that there is but one irreparable disaster: to betray one’s duty and to lose one’s soul. You will understand that the greatest evils of this life last but for a time, and that the Christian must keep his eyes ever raised toward Heaven…Always keep the Faith, the Faith for which your ancestors died; it is the most precious of all goods.” —Marie de Sainte-Hermine

Reprinted countless times in French, this is, to our knowledge - the first English edition ever.

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Great book about an important Catholic and world event

Sad when it was done!

Daring horsemanship, twists of fate, revenge in the hearts of men and peace emanating from the “angels” accompanying them…All of this and so much, much more you will experience as you read “A Family of Brigands in 1793”.
At a time when servants were part of the family and masters solicitous for a Christian way of life, Marie de Saint Hermine writes her family’s incredible tale of sacrifice, love, loyalty, and patriotism in a divided land ravaged by revolution and incalculable strife. An extremely gifted (read that: down to earth!) writer with a memory nothing short of miraculous, Marie-- the sixteen year-old heroine-now-aged to grandmother-- recounts the close calls, daring escapes, feats of valor, moral solicitude from a god-mother more ‘saint’ than adopted-mother, and adventures met literally on every side by a family of nobles living at a time when even breathing their true name would cause certain imprisonment and death. Follow the de Serant family and their loyal servants as they are betrayed by their own, sacrifice themselves for God, country, and family, remain loyal to the priests who have been forced into hiding, find themselves forced to flee their beloved land (after having marched behind their men into battle), and show us—without having had to explain in words—what really matters in life and what brings true happiness to the human heart.

Read it. Love it. Spread the word.

Peadar Walsh
Absolute must-read!

This wonderful book is adventure and spiritual reading all combined into one. While the characters are very human, their Catholic heroism in extraordinarily difficult situations is inspirational. Who knows if 21st century Catholics won't need to follow their example one day in similar circumstances? Recommended for all ages, but especially for younger Catholics who can see what people their age have done with God's grace!

Gordon Stokes
Every Catholic, young and old needs to read this book

This book is a fascinating read, full of beautiful examples of how to live as a Catholic in a world that has lost it's way and surrendered itself to passion, political correctness and tirany (kind of like our world). Edifying examples for young and old, of devotion to the duties of ones state in life and genuine religious piety and zeal for the glory of God.
Historical and relatable.
We see within these pages, the beautiful blend of the virtues that seem to us in our day as extreme - dignity and humility, courage and gentleness, honor and meekness, heroism and resignation to Gods will and providence.