Advice For Successful Families

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Advice for Successful Families

What makes a successful family? Is it merely fulfilling the bare minimum of our obligations, teaching our children prayers, ensuring the family goes to Sunday Mass, but not much else? In the midst of the modern world, is it even possible to think that a family could do much more?

In this profound, and yet easy-to-read book, Fr. Alain Delagneau considers what makes a successful family and how to achieve it. Starting with the basics, this book begins by examining the Sacrament of Marriage and ends with a look at those things which will disrupt the harmony of your Catholic home. Chapters include:

  • The Sacrament of Marriage
  • The Harmonious Union of the Spouses
  • Conjugal Love: Its Friends, Its Enemies
  • Catholic Education
  • Some Family Virtues
  • May Catholic Spouses Consider Separation?
  • The Spiritual Life of the Home
  • Human Equilibrium
  • Friends or Enemies of the Christian Home
  • Conclusion

Framework for a happy and healthy Catholic Family

This short book, written by a priest with over 30 years of pastoral experience, is a powerful antidote to the World, the Flesh, and the Devil, which seek to corrupt Catholic homes and destroy souls. Whether you have been married for only a few days, or are nearing the twilight of your married lives, this book is for you, and will certainly show you to how to live the Catholic family life ordained by God, and by which we will save our souls, and the souls of those we love the most.

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Customer Reviews

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Jime Leonard
Fantastic book!

I purchased this book and started it right away. I couldn’t put it down. As a traditional Catholic wife and mother many of the things here suggested were already part of our lives, but there were some I could either improve or add. I think it’s a super valuable book that one should own and read and reread every year. I’m planning on purchasing more to give as gifts to friends.
It’s short, easy to read, PRACTICAL. For example it explains all that the father of the family should be, and how to get there.
It will make a direct impact on our faith and devotional practices. Absolutely wonderful and I cannot recommend it enough! Thank you Fr. Delagneau for such a treasure!

Brittany Wurzer
This book is definitely a great work to assist every family striving for peace and harmony in the...

It gives in great detail the duties of both husband and wife and how they should collaborate to rear good, virtuous children. Discusses the education of the children in many virtues and spiritual works of mercy, while giving excellent everyday examples to apply these principles. Lastly, it points out things that may harm your efforts to bring about peace, such as, too much TV, video games, computers, Internet, and cell phones. The husband and wife are the foundation of the home and society; Their success determines the outcome of our future generations. This masterpiece was definitely advice needed for families to reach their spiritual goal, heaven.

What a treasure!

We reviewed this wonderful book here: What a treasure!