Alert in Rome

Fr. Albert Hublet S.J.

SKU: BD0365  |  ISBN: 9781739965402

When Pierre arrives for vacation in the Eternal City, little does he know what hair-raising adventures await him there.

The unexpected friendship he forms with Giovanni, the unwilling pickpocket, leads to a showdown with a very dangerous gang of Roman thieves and cut-throats, headed up by Giovanni’s wayward cousin, Paolo.

When the gang accidentally comes into possession of top-secret papers originating from the Belgian Embassy where Pierre’s father works, a race against time begins. Will Monsieur Le Vallier manage to recuperate the documents before the crooks can hand them over to a foreign power in exchange for large sums of money? Monsieur Le Vallier’s career, the reputation of the Belgian government and more than one life all hang in the balance.

This is a story of friendship, loyalty, honesty, courage and daring. It is also a perfect way for children to get to know the Eternal City, its geography and its principal monuments. Following Pierre and Giovanni on their crazy Roman adventure, young readers will be given a tour of Saint Peter’s Basilica, the Colosseum and other famous sights and sounds of the Capital of Christendom. Throw in a little Italian vocabulary too, and this book is the perfect gift for fun-loving Catholic children!