Angelus Apr 1981

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Articles: Modernism

  • A Review of James Hitchcock's Catholicism and Modernity
  • Poems for Lent
  • Children of the Novus Ordo, Part II
  • Modernism in Practice
  • Reflections on the cornerstone of Christianity - Easter
  • Father Bolduc recounts the thrilling adventures of the Archbishop among traditional Catholics south of the Mexico border, Part I
  • A Story of Christian Order, article originally appeared in May 1979: In Ages Past - A Fantasy
  • Letter to Our Readers
  • Archbishop Speaks: Sermon of the Archbishop on the Feast of the Purification, 1980
  • Question and Answer
    • Do you recommend Marriage Encounter?
    • Does Pope John Paul II ever celebrate the Tridentine Mass? Did Pope Paul VI ever promulgate the Novus Ordo?
  • The Story of Bishop Challoner 1691-1781