Angelus Apr 1985

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  • Feast of Christ the King in St. Mary's Kansas
  • Michael Davies, Random Thoughts
  • Cardinal Newman, The Crufixion
  • Fr. Franz Schmidberger, Letter to Friends and Benefactors #28
  • Malcolm Brenna, Book Review: A Fireside Chat with Malcolm Muggeridge, by Michael Davies
  • Poem: Joyce Kilmer, The Robe of Christ
  • St. Mary's College: Begins it's 5th Year

Question and Answer

  • When did they get rid of Psalm 42 and the Confiteor?
  • Vigilanteism is a problem now discussed daily in the news media. How far can one go in this matter of defending one's right and property?
  • We have the weekly Latin Mass in New Orleans in on of the Churches downtown. How should we look at this new happening?