Angelus - April 1987

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  • Poem: Our Lord and Our Lady, by Hilaire Belloc
  • Fr. Franz Schmidberger, Letter to Friends and Benefactors
  • Malcolm Brennan, Book Review: Liturgy Personality, by Dietrich von Hildebrand
  • Don Bosco, Madonna, Easter: Never-Ending Joy
  • Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII: True and False Americanism in Religion
  • Michael Davies, The Contemporary Catholic Crisis in its Historical Perspective, Part 7: Ecumania
  • News Brief
    • Catholic Hospitals Defy Vatican's Teaching
    • New Encyclical, Redemptoris Mater, on Mary Seen As Ecumenical Effort
    • Rev. Charles Curran Sues Catholic University
  • Fr. Gregory Foley, Confession
  • The Pieta
  • Archbishop Lefebvre, Twenty Years of Struggle, Part 1

Question and Answer

  • The Church, we believe, has for centuries been the zealous guardian and promoter of religious liberty and freedom of conscience, as well as civil liberty.
  • What about the Benedictine Monastery in France which left Archbishop Lefebvre and went back to the local Ordinary and the Novus Ordo Mass?
  • If the Holy Spirit says, "every knee shall bow" how literal is that?
  • When we receive Holy Communion do we also receive God the Father and God the Holy Ghost?