Angelus - August 1981

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Articles: Mediatrix

  • Fr. Philip M. Stark, The Transfiguration of Our Lord
  • Msgr. Ronald Knox, The Derby Martyrs
  • Mary E. Gentges, Fr. Miguel Pro of Mexico
  • Anne Cronin, The Assumption Poem
  • Jim Taylor, News From Kansas: St. Mary's Academy Enters Its Third Year
  • Archbishop Lefebvre, The Archbishop Speaks — The Ordination Sermon June 29, 1981
  • Letter From the Editor
  • Question and Answer
    • Do you think that TV programming is so morally bad that a priest—any priest—would be warranted in telling his parishioners not to watch television AT ALL? I ask this because I'm fully aware that a great deal is morally bad, but not all of it. Is it not enough to advise one's parishioners not to watch those programs and, if necessary, name them which are occasions of sin?
    • Did God institute marriage because He knew that man had carnal desires and could not stay chaste?  
    • Could you please tell me what the colors of the pope's flag (yellow and white) stand for? And why is the tiara designed in three parts?  
    • In reading my Manual of the Holy Catholic Church, I came across something in the section on matrimony that I want to ask about. The book says that a marriage between a Protestant and an unbaptized person is no marriage. Does this mean that the Protestant, perhaps divorced later, is free to marry, say, a Catholic?