Angelus - August 1985

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  • Fr. Aulagnier's Letter to French Bishops: French Bishops stand by while the faithful make reparation to Our Lady for a sacrilegious film
  • Catholics and Masonry: What exactly is the Catholic Position?
  • Michael Davies, Book Review: Twenty Crucial Years: 1951-1970, by Paul Hallett
  • St. Vincent of Lerins
  • News Brief
    • Catholic Bishops Issue Statement on McBrien's Work
    • Catholics for Free Choice Solicit Signatures for New Ad
    • Rabbi Named Head of Interfaith Center Catholic College
    • Catholic Bishops Adopt "Gradual" Approach to the Abortion Fight
    • Married Priests Press for Church Recognition
  • Ordinations at the Zaitzkofen seminary in Germany
  • St. Thomas Aquinas, Commentary on the Hail Mary
  • Scholasticus, St. Augustine and the Scriptures
  • Archbishop Lefebvre, Excerpts from Open Letter to Confused Catholics

Question and Answer

  • What are "signal" graces?
  • What are your thoughts on Psalm 150 - the passage that seems to be used by radio evangelists to justify the type of music they use to generate emotional response in people to "aid" the Holy Spirit.