Angelus - August 1986

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  • Letter from a Theology Student: Her path from Modernism to the SSPX
  • Alison Brown, I am Real - an account of a "retreat" for sixth graders, conducted by members of a religious order in an English diocese, which shows the contemporary Church today and its typical youth retreat.
  • Pope Pius XI, Christian Education of Youth, Part 3
  • The Cross
  • Jean Beaumont and Margaret Seddon, A Defense of Catholic Tradition
  • Archbishop Lefebvre, An Interview with the Archbishop Given to the Faithful at St. Michael's Mission in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Poem: The Transfigurations, by James M. Hayes
  • Dr. Mary Buckalew, Eternal Life: Catholic Truth vs. the Spirit of Vatican II
  • Fr. Peter Gatti, S.D.B., Death's Underground Adobe

Question and Answer

  • What do you say about bilocation?
  • Can we honestly say that the God that Catholics worship is the same as that worshipped by Jews, Hindus, Moslems, Mormons, and Protestants?
  • Catholic hospitals in Dallas perform sterilizations on women for the sole purpose of contraception and this is supported by the local bishop. What should a Catholic do to oppose such a grievous sin given respectability and full support by a Catholic prelate?