Angelus - August 1988

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Articles: St. Philomena

  • St. Lawrence Mission in Hartford, CT
  • Wayne Nichols, In Defense of the Archbishop - A Letter to the Editor of the Remnant
  • R.E. Callaghan, Brief Sketch of Early 20th Century Life
  • News Brief
    • Colorado Priest Warns Satanism on the Rise
    • Pro-Choice Nuns Hail Order's Decision as "Victory For All Women"
    • Married Ex-Priests See Themselves as Solution to Clergy Crisis
    • Jazz Mass HIghlights Texas Jazz Festival
  • Paul A. Likoudis, Priest Tells Audience: Banish Crucifix from Sanctuary
  • St. Philomena in the Dungeon Praying
  • John P. Philip, Examples of Ecumenism This Year
  • François Laisney, Open Letter to Archbishop May
  • Fr. John Rizzo, Celibacy is a Jewel
  • Michael Davies, Fatima Revealed and Discarded
  • New Growth in the St. Mary's Business Community
  • Fr. Anthony Spinosa, The Mormons: A Plague on Christianity
  • Fr. Albert Drexel, Faith is Greater Than Obedience