Angelus Aug 1991

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Articles: Assumption of Our Lady

  • Fr. Peter Scott, Editors Letter
  • The Archbishop Speaks, Archbishop Lefebvre's Sermon on the 1st Sunday of Lent, 1991
  • A Letter from Archbishop Lefebvre to Bishop de Castro Mayer
  • Archbishop Lefebvre, Remarks with Respect to the New Bishop in Campos
  • Bishops of the SSPX, Declaration on the Subject of the Episcopal Consecration
  • Replies to Some Objections to the Consecrations in Campos
  • Dr. David Allen White, Faith is Greater than Obedience: A Bishop for Campos
  • Emma Norris, With Thanks to Fr. Carl Pulvermacher
  • Photo Spread, Ordination Day at Winona 1991
  • Ambrose Observes
  • Fr. Scott Allen, St. Vincent's Academy in Kansas City, MO
  • Fr. Bourmaud, A Former TV Broadcaster Opens a Can of Worms: Conclusion
  • Dr. Malcom Brennan, Stultorum Infinitus Est Numerous
  • Question and Answer
    • How can we answer the difficulty proposed by the apparent fact that the dinosaurs pre-existed Adam and Eve, obviously having suffered and died?
    • How must a Catholic conduct himself at a public forum during the invocation provided by non-Catholic clergy or even Catholic clergy failing to meet the norm of Catholic prayer? How do priests of the SSPX respond when asked to deliver such an invocation?