Angelus Aug 2006

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  • Stephen Heiner, A Tribute to Fr. Carl Pulvermacher
  • Fr. Franz Schmidberger, Reverence and Irreverence
  • Dr. Tiago Jones, Oliveira Salazar or Portugal and Catholic Regeneration in the 20th Century
  • Christ the King Convent, Kansas City, Missouri, Franciscan Sisters of Christ the King
  • Bishop Bernard Fellay, Letter to Friends and Benefactors #69
  • Fr. Bernard-Marie de Chivré, Non-Directive Education
  • Amintore Fanfani, It's Not About Person, It's About Principles, Part VIII

Questions and Answers

  • Is hypnosis permissible as a medical therapy?
  • Ought we to pray that God lead us not into temptation?