Angelus Dec 1981

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Articles: Nativity

  • Pastor Historicus, Story of the First Vatican Council
  • Michael Davies, Et Incarnatus Est
  • Msgr. Philippe R. DeMouliere, The Peace of Christmas
  • David Read, 2 Poems From "What Now, John Paul?" -- Last Warning, and Special Family Meal
  • Berneice O'Neill, Inequality vs. Equality -- Archbishop Lefebvre's famous talk on Liberalism
  • Angel Talk, Advent and Christmas Crossword Puzzle for Children
  • Lives of the Saints, St. Nicholas
  • Fr. Patrick O'Keeffe, Christmas Day
  • Fr. Eugene Berry, SSPX Sisters in America
  • Clement C. Moore, The Christmas Candle -- A Story for Children
  • News about the New Mass in the Secular Press: London Sunday Telegraph and a suburban Atlanta newspaper
  • Letter From the Editor
  • Question and Answer
    • What is the true meaning of Christ's prayer ". . . that all may be one ... " (Jn. 17.21)?
    • Music by rock groups, like Led Zeppelin, the Animals, the Rolling Stones, etc., and even the Beatles aggravate me no end! What is your position on rock music?
    • I was married twelve years ago in the Catholic Church before a priest and two witnesses. After six children, my wife has obtained a divorce and annulment from the diocese and has married another in the Catholic Church. The annulment was granted on the grounds that I "did not appeal the case." This is incredible, but there seems nothing I can do about it.