Angelus Dec 1985

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  • Emanuel Valenza, The Abortionist
  • News Brief
    • Ad Signers in 3-day meeting; Nuns' Clarifications Rejected
    • Synod Endorses Vatican II Reforms, Urges More Spirituality
    • Protestant Observers Say Synod Reaffirms Ecumenical Movement
    • Ratzinger's is one of two catechisms to spring up since synod
    • Catholic Bishops: Aids Fear no reason to Drop Use of Common Cup
    • Boys Town: New Growth for an old insititution and a new movie
    • Irish Priest: Death of Traditional Church Will Save Catholicism
  • Fr. Joseph Rickaby, The Immaculate Conception: A Development of Doctrine
  • Emma Norris, Review of the Film: Hail Mary
  • Ridgefield Diary: Fr Urban Snyder's Visit; St. Michael's Chapel 2nd year anniversary; Earthquake shakes seminary
  • Julia Grimer, Bishops of England, Where are you? - London Protests by the faithful against the blasphemous film "Hail Mary"
  • Cardinal Newman, Christ Hidden From the World
  • Robert Carballo, St. Robert Southwell's: The Burning Babe

Question and Answer

  • What are your comments on the "Final Report" of the Synod Fathers?
  • You say that no graces come from Vatican II and the New Mass, but what about Mother Teresa and Brother Gino?