Angelus Dec 1986

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  • Michael Davies, The Contemporary Catholic Crisis in its Historical Perspective, Part 3: Obedience
  • Fr. James Peek, A Roman Dissects the Crisis in Rome
  • News Brief
    • Bishop Malone Warns of Division Between U.S. and Rome
    • Cardinal Bernardin Goes on-stage with monkees for teen rock concert
    • Bishops Ignore Hunthausen Pleas; Back Vatican Discipline
    • Catholic Bishops Take Moderate Path; Turn Aside Law and Weakland
    • More About May and Pilarczyk
    • Catholics, Episcopalianas to Sign "Covenant" Urging Cooperation
    • Laws Defeat Signal Catholic Bishops Wish for Independence
    • Commission Commends Bishops' Openness, Criticizes Pastoral
    • Rev. Charles Curran Says His Removal Violates Procedures
    • Chicago Catholic, Episcopal Leaders Acknowledge "Common Baptism"
  • Poetry for Chistmas
    • St. Robert Southwell, The Nativity of Christ
    • John Bannister Tabb, The Light of Bethlehem
    • Mary Cochrane Vojdcek, Mary Was Watching
    • Eileen Duggan, From The Reed
    • Charles Warren Stoddard, Ave Maria Bells
  • Ridgefield Diary: School year at Ridgefield
  • Rev. James McKernan, Old Year Reflections (Sermon given in 1910)
  • Archbishop Lefebvre, The Archbishop Speaks: Sermon for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception
  • Scholasticus, Meditation for Christmas Season

Question and Answer

  • The religion writer, George W. Cornell, writes concerning Charles Curran that "Roman Catholicism always has taught the duty of heeding individual conscience, when duly informed and seirously considered, even in dissent from official teachings." Is that what the Church teaches?
  • Does the SSPX approve, disapprove, or take no stand in regard to the activities of the T.F.P.?
  • Is Halloween to be celebrated by Catholics?