Angelus Feb 1986

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  • News Brief - Last Catholic Junior Seminary in Scotland Closes
  • Fr. Alban Butler, Short Exhortation on the Feast of St. Blaise
  • Emanuel Valenza, Heresy - A Forgotten Word
  • Dom Gueranger, Liturgical Year: The Feast of the Purification
  • Father Babinet's Apostolic Work in Mexico
  • St. Thomas Aquinas, Commentary on the Our Father, Part 4
  • St. Leo the Great, Lent
  • St. Blaise, Bishop and Martyr
  • Archbishop Lefebvre, Conference given at Campbell, California Jan 5, 1986: Rome, the Persecution, and Modernism
  • St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows (Francis Possenti)

Question and Answer

  • Did the bull Execrabilis of Pope Pius II forbid the calling of a council such as Vatican II?
  • I know some Traditional Catholics who, dissatisfied with our Catholic schools and public schools, are sending their children to Lutheran or Baptist schools. Is this allowed?