Angelus - February 1988

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  • Litany of Humility (which Cardinal Merry del Val was accustomed to recite after the celebration of Mass)
  • Fr. Franí_ois Laisney, Virus Humanism, part 1
  • News Brief:
    • Gratitude for Wife's Health Leads to 90 foot statue
    • High Court in Canada Strikes Down Abortion Ban
    • Judge Denies Damnjanjuk Request to Pray in Court
  • Julia Grimer, Popular Action Against Creeping Pluralism
  • Emanuel Valenza, Marquette's Moral Theology Professor: Daniel Maguire-Doctor of Death
  • Fr. Gregory Foley, The Proud Knight
  • A True Story by Judy Mamou, The Feat I Felt - story of Abortion
  • Philip Caraman, S.J., St. Philip Evans, S.J.
  • Archbishop Lefebvre, The Archbishop Speaks: The Apostolic Visit and the Consecration of Bishops
  • Fr. Krupa, O.F.M., In the Chains of the Hammer and Sickle - A Hungarian Priest's Personal Account of His Prison Experiences, Part 5

Question and Answer

  • In Mexico City a doctor is treating Parkinson's disease by implanting brain tissue taken from aborted babies. Is this any different from implanting blood tissue as is done in transfusions?
  • How far did Our Lord walk from Pilate's palace to the foot of the cross? Did Our Lord only carry the cross-piece?
  • What does one do when there is no traditional chapel in reach where the True Mass is said?