Angelus - February 1992

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  • Extracts from the French Review "Si Si No No," The Dating of the Gospels, Part 1
  • Fr. J. M. Rulleau, Critical Remarks on Concelebration
  • Fr. Peter Scott, Centesimus Annus: A Critique
  • The Cause of Fr. Solanus Casey, Capuchin
  • Jean Gill, A Pilgrimage of Lourdes
  • Ambrose Observes, Art Exhibit at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.
  • Maureen Detar, A Mother's View: The Making of New Saints
  • Fr. Michael Simoulin, The Church and the Synagogue
  • The Feast of Our Lady's Purification
  • Thomas M. Fleming, A Catholic Perspective: Humanistic Philosophies and Health Education
  • Stultorum Infinitus Est Numerus: News and Updates
  • St. Aloysius Camp/Retreat Center in Los Gatos, CA is Started
  • Holy Family School in Quebec, Canada: Second Year Underway
  • Poems: Benediction, Requiescat In Partibus, Just Ask
  • Question and Answer
    • ?How binding is the "just war" principle on Catholics? Can a Catholic, in good faith, be an absolute pacifist?
    • Why did the Catholic Church choose to name our new Mass, Novus Ordo?
    • Please explain what "Slain the Spirit" is and how far back does this date in the history of the Catholic Church go?