Angelus - February 1994

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Articles: Love and War - a war on God is a war on the family

  • The Archbishop Speaks, Interview with Jose Hanu and Archbishop Lefebvre, Part 15 - The proper place of Latin and Gregorian Chant in the Sacred Liturgy of the Church
  • Archbishop Lefebvre, Liberalism Vs. Rome, part two
  • Fr. John Oesterreicher, A Wedding is a holy thing
  • Fr. Carlos Urrutigoity "A Husband is a bishop" - sermon for husbands on the feast of the holy Family
  • Charles A. Coulombe, Staying the Best Man
  • Ten Commandments of Chivalry
  • Mrs. Kathy DeLallo, A Mother's View: To be or not to be happy
  • Book Review: My Life with Thomas Aquinas by Mrs. Carol Robinson
  • Dr. Michael Berton, The Measure, Number and Weight of Eternal Love

Question and Answer

  • Is it ever permissible to condone artificial contraception as a means of family planning for a Catholic couple?
  • I have read that the Church has at all times forbidden speculation. I intended to make a career out of commodities trading and am concerned this activity is contrary to Church teaching. Can you respond to my doubts?


  • The Apparent Victory of Modernism Exposed and Denounced by St. Pius X, Part 4: Urs Von Balthasar, the Father of Ecumenical Apostasy
  • Interview with Superior General Fr. Franz Schmidberger