Angelus Feb 1995

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Articles: Poverty

  • Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Infiltration of Modernism in the Church (The first excerpt from a conference given by Archbishop Lefebvre at Montreal, Canada in 1982. It demonstrates by personal experience the tragic corruption of modernism from the time of Pope Pius XI.)
  • Dr. Peter Chojnowski, Consumerism: The Impoverishment of the Soul
  • Suzanne M. Rini, The Dead Zone: Moneywise poor, but soul wise rich. That's the struggling Catholic family who knows it can sanctify itself even at the family table.
  • Edwin Faust, Rags to Riches
  • Il Giornale (Italian Newspaper), Interview with Bishop Bernard Fellay
  • Matt Anger, Hilaire Belloc: Right on the Money
  • Dr. Michael Berton, Wealth's Poverty and Poverty's Wealth

Question and Answer

  • Blessed are the poor in Spirit - what does that mean?
  • Does the Church consider it a sin to be rich?
  • Must we always give to those who ask for money, in particular beggars?


  • They Think They've Won! - How They Think they've won in Catholic Exegesis
  • A New Exegesis: The Triumph of Modernism over Catholic Exegesis