Angelus - February 1999

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Articles: Parents and Catholic Education
  • Fr. Alain Delagneau, Catholic Education, Part 1
  • Mark Fellows, Book Review: The Hidden Pope by Darcy O'Brien
  • Dr. Justin Walsh, In the Beginning There Was Maryland: Worshipping God According to the Dictates of Conscience: The history of Catholic Maryland
  • Dr. Peter Chojowski, Virtue: The Cultivation of Habit
  • Jean Madiran, The Social Doctrine of Pope Pius XII and the Church in the Next Millennium
Catholic Family
  • Fr. Coenraad Daniels, The Family at Prayer, Part 1
  • Your Soul Responsibility, Part 4: The Baby at One Year
  • St. Maximilian Kolbe, In Mary's Footsteps: Mary Leads Her Servants to Paradise
  • A Brief Meditation for Lent
  • Apologetics for Beginners: Robert Schuberts's essay that shows numerous proofs that shows the accounts of the Gospels are genuine
Question and Answer
  • A priest told me that cremation is acceptable as long as the body is at the funeral, and that after the Requiem Mass the body can be cremated. Please advise. 
  • Of what evil is God speaking in Is. 4-5:7 when he says: "I make peace and create evil: I the Lord do all these things"?