Angelus - February 2000

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Articles: The Internet

  • Letter from the Editor
  • Pastoral Letters: At Start of Vatican II
  • Construct Your Reality - the Internet, hyperspace, virtual reality and cultural regression
  • Nine Pitfalls against the Internet
  • The New Mass
  • Jubilee 2000, A short history of the Church's Holy Years during the 16th century and the 1600 Jubilee, the most splendid of all celebrated till then.
  • Heresy In the Making, Part 2

Question and Answer

  • I have been told that the I have to accept my daughter's marriage, although she left the Catholic Church in which she was baptized and was married in a Protestant church, since the post-Vatican II Church says it is valid. Can you comment?
  • Should we say "Holy Ghost" or "Holy Spirit" when speaking of the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity?