Angelus - February 2007

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  • Fr. Jean-Pierre Boubeé, Open Letter to Parents of Post-Modern Children
  • Franciscan Sisters of Christ the King, Fr. Eugene Heidt, R.I.P.
  • Fr. Yves le Roux, Stopping at Bethlehem
  • Mrs. Linda Durbin, "I Shall One Day Repent"
  • Mergny, Le Bois, France, Society of the Transfiguration
  • Fr. Joseph Le Rohellec, St. Thomas Aquinas: How to Live Straight and Fly Right
  • Fr. Bernard-Marie de Chivré, The Rights of Christ in Man's Existence

Question and Answer

  • Is it permissible to publish the sins of deceased persons?
  • Is it morally obligatory to vote?