Angelus - January 1981

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  • Archbishop Gerety - Has He Left the Roman Catholic Faith?
  • The Archbishop Speaks - the Golden Jubilee of Mother Marie Gabrielle
  • Church and World: The Inauguration of the Society's first traditional Catholic University in Paris - the Institut Universitaire Saint Pie X
  • The Definition of Modernism
  • The Council of Constance
  • Angel Talk - For Children
  • Heresy - Modernism
  • The Anti-Modernist Oath of St. Pius X
  • The Kingship of Christ Since Vatican II
  • The Decapitated Intellect
  • Where Does God Fit In?
  • Letter to Our Readers
  • Question and Answer
    • Is there really no salvation outside the Catholic Church?
    • Is it permissible to have square dances on Sunday?
    • What can you tell me about Fr. Yves Congar who puts down the Archbishop in his book: A Challenge to the Church - the Case of Archbishop Lefebvre