Angelus Jan 1984

Angelus Press


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  • Michael Davies, Archbishop Lefebvre: The Case for the Defense
  • A Brief Summary of the Principle Errors of Conciliar Ecclesiology
  • Phyllis Graham, The Archbishop Visits Farmingville, New York 
  • SSPX Seminarian, Life at the Seminary
  • Archbishop Lefebvre, Episcopal Manifesto: Open Letter to the Pope (Rio de Janeiro, November 21, 1983)
  • Don Bosco's Madonna, Doing Ordinary Things Well
  • Malcolm Brennan, Book Review: The Lord of the World, by Robert Hugh Benson

Question and Answer

  • Why don't you start a campaign through your magazine to remind all priests to preach catechism whenever they preach?
  • I have had Masses said for the dead, the sick and spiritually sick and I suppose I assumed someone else would have Masses said for me when the time came. What if I have no family? What do I do when all is left is me?
  • The idea that the Church condemned Americanism confuses me especially when the Archbishop hand-delivered a petition to the secretary of Vatican II requesting the Council issue an official condemnation of Communism and they refused.