Angelus - January 1986

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  • Fr. Gregory Foley, The Family
  • Ordinations in Argentina
  • Gerard Rusak, Christ the King Feast at Ecône
  • Monsignor Ronald Knox, Road to Damascus: St. Paul
  • News Brief
    • Planned Parenthood Head Excommunicated
    • Catholic Bishops Take up New Individual Activism on Abortion
    • Nicaraguan Human Rights Group Criticizes U.S. Catholic Bishops
    • Catholic Nuns' Coalition Seeks Retired Bishop to Ordain Women
  • Interview with Archbishop Lefebvre to Don McLean, Editor of Catholic, an Australian publication.
  • Poem: The Prophet Lost in the Hills at Evening, by Hilaire Belloc
  • Malcolm Brennan, The Maji
  • Monsignor Robert Mader, At the Gateway of Lent
  • Letter to His Holiness Pope John Paul II
  • Emanuel Valenza, Book Review: Women Priests and Other Fantasies, by Fr. Vincent Miceli

Question and Answer

  • Why do you make so much fuss over the Council of Trent and so little over Vatican II?