Angelus Jan 1987

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  • Fr. Richard Williamson, Who Is this Man? - On the Gospel (Matthew 8:26) when Our Lord calmed the wind and sea for the fishermen. "What manner of Man is this, for the winds and the sea to obey Him?"
  • R.I.P. Sister Mary Barbara
  • Michael Davies, The Contemporary Catholic Crisis in its Historical Perspective, Part 4: Arianism
  • Msgr. Ronald Knox, On the Road to Damascus: St. Paul
  • Scholasticus, We Have Seen His Star - Christmas Meditation
  • SSPX Declaration: Subsequent to the events of the visit of Pope John Paul II to the Synagogue and the Congress of Religion at Assisi
  • Archbishop Lefebvre, Sermon on the Feast of the Epiphany at Ecône For the Ceremony of the Reception of the Cassock
  • Poem: Christ's Childhood, by St. Robert Southwell
  • St. Irenaeus, Against Heresies

Question and Answer

  • Do we a Pope or is the Chair of Peter vacant?
  • Did Our Lady have more children besides Our Lord?
  • Is it true that the names of the Last Sacraments we misleading, and not used as the Church of Christ wished? Or is this another campaign of perversion of the Holy Sacraments?
  • I do not agree with those who say Pope John Paul II is weak. He is like St. Peter, a missionary Pope visiting those lambs and sheep entrusted to his care.