Angelus - January 1989

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  • Fr. Loren Gerspacher, The Good Ship Courtship
  • News Brief
    • Silenced Theologian Explains "Creation Spirituality" In Ad
    • Priest Shortage: A Problem For Sociologists or The Lord?
    • Lutheran and Catholic Officials Sign Covenant in Chicago
    • Albanian Bishop is Freed; Jesuit Priest Dies in Labor Camp
    • Parish Councils Stripped of Power Under Denver Rules
    • Fr. Charles Curran testifies in his breach-of-contract suit against Catholic University
  • Fr. Franz Schmidberger, God's Ways Are Not Our Ways
  • Fr. Paul Wickens, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre: A Living Saint
  • Malcolm Brennan, Book Review: Archbishop Lefebvre and the Vatican
  • Letter from the Sisters of the SSPX Christ the King Novitiate
  • Thoughts of Cardinal Newman on Our Lord and His Mother
  • Maurice de Nessy, Patriarch Josyf Slipyi (1892-1984) Martyr and Confessor of the Ukrainian Catholic Church - Figurehead in the Confrontation Between Catholicism and Communism, Part ONE

Question and Answer

  • Why do women wear head coverings to church?
  • When and where did the tradition of not eating meat on Friday develop? Is it obligatory and still in effect?