Angelus - January 1992

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Articles: Angelus Press Moves to Kansas City, MO from Dickinson, TX

Select Article Reprints from Past Magazine Issues:

  • July 1978, The New Inquisition: The Case of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, by Thomas Molnar
  • Poems from Select Issues, The Psalm of T.V.; In a lighter Vein
  • April 1979, Pope Paul VI, The World Pays Its Tribute, by Michael Davies
  • August 1980, The Archbishop Speaks: To Remain a Good Catholic Must One Become a Protestant?
  • December 1984, The Errors of Luther and the Spirit of Today, by Fr. Franz Schmidberger
  • July 1988, Bishop for Eternity
  • August 1982, Roman Protestants, by Reverend Basil Wrighton
  • July 1988, Pharisaic Scandal! by Fr. Fernando Areas Rifan
  • March 1981, The Angelus: Some History and Meditations, by Mary E. Gentges
  • August 1985, St. Vincent of Lerins +450A.D.
  • November 1978, Pope St. Gregory VII,  by Donald Fantz
  • June 1984, Poems: Sorrow, A Night Prayer, The Right Must Win
  • June 1978, English Martyrs: St. Margaret Clitherow, by Dr. Malcolm Brennan
  • December 1990, Ambrose Observes: The beasts who were present at the Nativity
  • August 1983, Worldlings: Enemies of Religion: The Bishops and Abortion, by Dr. Malcolm Brennan
  • October 1991, Cardinal Henri de Lubac Dies
  • January 1979, The New Family Improvement Solution, by John Brennan
  • October 1990, A Mother's View: The Family Rosary, by Mary Ann Shapiro 
  • May 1985, Twenty-four Golden Rules For Raising Children
  • Select Issues, Question and Answer
    • ?The Catholic Conservative vs. Catholic Traditionalist. What is the difference?
    • Is it traditional for the people attending Mass to answer the prayers of Mass out loud?
    • What happens to unbaptized infants?
    • If all the power in heaven and on earth has been given to the Pope, why can't he change the Mass as much as he wants to?