Angelus - January-February 2012 Vatican II

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Theme: 50 Years Since Vatican II


  • Letter from the Publisher, Fr. Arnaud Rostand, SSPX

50 Years Since Vatican II

  • DICI: Vatican Council II: A Debate that Has Not Taken Place
  • Fr. Dominique Bourmaud: The Three Modernist Musketeers
  • Fr. Albert, O.P.: A History Never Written
  • Fr. Philippe Lovey: The History of the Preparatory Schemas

Faith and Morals

  • Fr. Albert, O.P., Mary: Mediatrix of All Graces
  • Fr. Hugues Bergez: The Primacy of Liturgy
  • Dr. John Rao: Catholic Social Doctrine
  • First Vatican Council Schema: On the Constitution of the Church
  • Fr. Dominique Bourmaud, Book Review: The Rhine Flows Into the Tiber


  • Fr. Francis Gallagher: St. Francis de Sales: Patron and Hero of Journalists
  • St. Francis de Sales: Selections from Introduction to the Devout Life

Chrisitan Culture

  • Christopher Check, Archbishop Lamy: Iron Will and Profound Faith
  • Archbishop Lefebvre: We Must Have Christian Hope

Book Review

  • Fr. Dominique Bourmaud: The True and Only Wealth of Nations

Questions and Answers

  • Are human-animal hybrids a possibility?
  • What is the origin of the expression "Mysterium fidei" found in the consecration of the Precious Blood at the traditional Mass?


Church and World

  • Reflections on the Presence of Atheists in Assisi
  • Brazil: The Supreme Court Has Authorized the First Civil Homosexual Marriage
  • Issues U.S. Bishops Proposed
  • Egypt: Cardinal Naguib Denounces the Rise of the Islamists


  • Abbé Jean-Michel Gleize: Dignitatis Humanae and the Hermeneutic of Reform

Letters to the Editor

  • The Last Word, Fr. Jürgen Wegner, SSPX