Angelus January - February 2016 "Social Media"

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Theme: Social Media

  • The Screen Teen, by Fr. Boubee, SSPX
  • Youth on the Internet: Connected, Depressed, and Alienated, by Randall C. Flanery, Ph.D.
  • The Virtue of Prudence: Doing the Good, by Dr. Peter Chojnowski
  • In Comes Google, Out Goes the Mind, by Fr. Dominique Bourmaud, SSPX

Faith and Morals:

  • Rome Speaks on Modern Media, extracts from Pope Pius XII, Miranda Prorsus
  • The History of Lent, by Fr. Christopher Danel, SSPX


  • The King's Herald, by Fr. Dominique Bourmaud, SSPX
  • The Role of Parents in Confession, by Michael J. Rayes
  • The Tradition of Slowness, by a Benedictine Monk

Christian Culture:

  • Mark the Music, by Fr. Thomas Hufford, SSPX
  • "I'm Proud of You", by SSPX Sisters
  • Seven Thousand Islands, interview with Fr. Peter Fortin, SSPX

Questions & Answers:

  • Is lying ever lawful?
  • Who are the full members of the Church?
  • Do little children need to receive Communion?

News from Tradition:

  • Pope Francis and the Marriage Annulment Process
  • Conscience Wrongly Understood
  • China's One Child Policy Ends
  • Texas and Planned Parenthood Funding
  • Right to Die Legislation

Theological Studies:

  • Vatican II and the Jewish Question, by Fr. Gabreil Billecocq, SSPX

The Last Word: Fr. Daniel Couture