Angelus January February 2021 Iconoclasm

Angelus Press


  • Letter from the Publisher,  by Fr. John Fullerton, SSPX
 Theme: Iconoclasm
  • The Invisible Made Visible: The Church and Religious Images, by Romanus
  • Icons and the Iconic: Visions of the Transcendent, by Andrew J. Clarendon
  • Iconoclasm in the American South, by James Horne
  • The Iconostasis, by Gabriel S. Sanchez, J.D.
  • Christ the Pantocrator, by Jane Spencer
  • From Roman Emperors to Images of Christ: Iconoclasm and the Byzantine Empire, by Andrew Latham
  • Meditation on St. John’s Gospel—Chapter Four, by Pater Inutilis
  • The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: The Canon—Part Two, by Fr. Christopher Danel, SSPX
  • The Brown Scapular: From Habit to Soul, by Fr. Vincent Bétin, SSPX
  • Belief in the Visible and Invisible, by a Benedictine Monk
Christian Culture
  • Our Lady of Consolation, by Anonymous
  • Demolishing Thor’s Oak, by John Rao, D.Phil. Oxon.
  • Passing on the Love of Reading, by the Sisters of the Society St. Pius X
  • Questions and Answers, by Fr. Juan Carlos Iscara, SSPX
  • Complex Questions & Simple Answers: Part Five, by Prof. Felix Otten, O.P. and C.F. Pauwels, O.P.
Theological Studies
  • Can Apologetics Stand the Test of Reason Alone?, by Fr. Jean-Michel Gleize, SSPX
 The Last Word, by Fr. David Sherry ,SSPX