Angelus - July 1982

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Articles: St. Mary Magdalene, the Penitent

  • Phyllis Graham, A Visit to St. Michel-en-Brenne, France - The place of the SSPX Sisters
  • Fr. Philip Stark, If the New Mass is Valid, Why Don't We Attend It?
  • Joan Diehl, American Catholics Score Bishops
  • Michael Davies, A Protestant Triumph
  • Monsignor K. R. Hodgson, Ecumenism
  • Joan Diehl, Saints of God, Make Intercession For Us - St. Mary Magdalen
  • Francis Gough, Introibo Ad Altare Dei (a moving piece of nostalgia which reflects the centrality of the Tridentine Mass in the lives of Catholics born and raised in the years prior to Vatican II. It certainly reflects the universal appeal of the traditional Mass.)
  • Fr. Hector Bolduc, A Journey with the Archbishop - The Archbishop's visit to the United States during April and May, 1982

Question and Answer

  • How was the Holy Spirit at Vatican II? If so, who was He with?
  • If the Novus Ordo Masses and recent ordinations are not intrinsically invalid, they must be capable of conferring grace. Does this follow? If they can confer grace, why are we warned to avoid the New Mass? What about my elderly parents who live 400 miles from a traditional Mass? Should they not attend their local church until a place for the anvient Mass is within reach?
  • I know of a priest who insists his Masses (new) are correct, but I've never been over there, even though I've thought about it for the last few years. Don't you think I am obligated to go?