Angelus Jul 1984

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Articles: Saint Mary's Academy

  • Fr. Philip Stark, Fr. Schmidberger in South Africa
  • The Life of René Lefebvre, Part 1
  • Fr. François Laisney, Pray for Priests (Sermon given May 20, 1984)
  • What Happened at St. Mary's During the 1983-84 Year
  • James Taylor, Rome and the College at St. Mary's
  • Mary Gentges, What is St. Mary's Academy: Some Thoughts from Headmaster Ken Kaiser

Question and Answer

  • Some say that if all the relics of the True Cross were gathered together there would be sufficient lumber to build a three-masted schooner. What is the truth about this? Where can one today find the major relics of the sufferings of Christ?
  • What was the truth about the Spanish Inquisition?