Angelus - July 1985

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  • Fr. Hervé De La Tour, The 1985 Commencement Address to the Seniors at St. Mary's Academy
  • Malcolm Brennan, Where Angels Fear to Tread - What's the Matter with the New Mass
  • News Brief
    • Bernardin Stresses Loyalty to Rome, Rules Out Women Priests
    • Symposium Speaker: Rome's Resistance "Stalks" Catholic Women
    • Malone to Ratzinger: Conferences Shouls Play Large Role
    • New Treaty Ends Catholicism's Status as Italy's State Religion
    • Priest Calls on Curia, Tries to Polish Image of U.S. Church
    • Canada's Bishops Issue Bleak Report on Vocations
    • Pope Makes Appeal for East-West Unity in His New Encyclical "Slavorum Apostoli" (Apostle of the Slavs)
  • Fr. Terry Marks, The State of Seminaries Today (A Personal Account)
  • The Litany of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Dr. Mary Buckalew, On the Blessed Trinity: The Spirit of Vatican II and Catholic Truth
  • Archbishop Lefebvre's Travels in Africa
  • Fr. Rickaby, A Good Theology of the Mass
  • Archbishop Lefebvre, EcíÇne Ordinations Sermon

Question and Answer

  • I was told that at the Last Judgement everyone wil know everyone else's sins. How could this be, since God forgives sins in Confession? I have heard that the devil does not know sins already confessed. Is this true?
  • To have the Tridentine Mass said in the Archdiocese of Portland one requirement is: "The recognition of the valitidity of the New Order of the Mass as promulgated by Pope Paul VI by those who request that the Mass be celebrated..." In view of the decree by Pope St. Pius V that the Tridentine Mass can never be legally revoked or can we in good conscience recognize the "validity of the New Order"?
  • Are we to stand or kneel during the Gloria and Epistle?