Angelus Jul 1986

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Articles: St. Jude, Patron of Hopeless Cases

  • Frank Backitis, In Search of Catholic Lithuania: Our Lady of the Dawn - Patroness of Lithuania, Part 2
  • News Briefs
    • Catholic Bishops Vote to "Remain Open" to Ordination of Women
    • Hail Mary Defended by Brazilian Bishop
    • Evangelicals to Seek Common Position on Catholic Relations
    • Archbishop Mahony Upset by Catholic Women's "Liturgy of Liberation"
    • Death of Paul VI Halted Anglican-Catholic Unity, Priest Says
    • Catholic Bishop: Converts to Remain Faithful Despite Economic Hardship
    • Archbishop Roach: Catholic Disunity "Tearing Apart" The Church
    • British Catholics Say Church More Exciting Today
    • New Encyclical Dominium et Vivificantem on Holy Spirit Contains Strong Attack on Marxism
    • Ridgefield News: Mrs. Johnston Retires; Dean Nichols Receives Habit; Superior General Visits Ridgefield
  • Holy Water: A Means of Spiritual Wealth
  • Pope Pius XI, Christian Education of Youth, Part 2
  • Fr. Charles Coughlin, Pius XII's Tragic Mistake (Ch. 25 taken from Bishop vs. The Pope, by Fr. Coughlin)
  • Poem: Cherub Folk, by Enid Dinnis
  • SSPX Review Scandalous Pamphlet from Catholics for Free Choice Which Advocates Abortion.
  • Archbishop Lefebvre, The Archbishop Speaks: History of the Church and Current Crisis in the Church
  • St. Jude, Patron of Hopeless Cases

Question and Answer

  • What does the SSPX think of cremation?
  • If death is caused by Original Sin, why did the Immaculate Conception, Our Lady, die?