Angelus - July 1987

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  • John Oglethorpe, Book Review: The Jesuits—The Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church, by Malachi Martin
  • News from the Carmel of the Most Holy Trinity
  • Poem: Song of the Mystic, by Fr. Abram J. Ryan
  • Archbishop Lefebvre, In Conformity to God's Will
  • Encyclical Letter of St. Pius X, The Sillon, Part 3
  • Archbishop Lefebvre, Sermon on the Occasion of Ecône Priestly Ordinations
  • Fr. Gregory Foley, Sermon Given at the taking of the habit at the Carmel of the Most Holy Trinity in Pennsylvania
  • Fr. Franí_ois Laisney, Ecumenism vs. Catholic Doctrine, Part 3

Question and Answer

  • Sedevacantists say we have not had a valid pope since Pius XII. Is John Paul a real Pope?
  • Does the Catholic Church pay the same reverence to the Old Testament as it does to the New? How can you reconcile its sordid details with the Word of God?
  • Is baptism valid if the father of the child pours the water while the priest recites the words? (no minister utilizes both matter and form of the Sacrament).

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