Angelus Jul 1995

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Articles: Warfare - cover photo is the famous image of Priest saying Mass for soldiers on Mt. Suribachi, the only peak on the island of Iwo Jima, shortly before the mountain was taken on Feb 23, 1944.

  • Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, There is only one true religion (The conclusion to a conference given by Archbishop Lefebvre at Montreal, Canada in 1982. The Archbishop ends with a reminder about the dangers of modernism and false ecumenism.)
  • Michel Lefebvre, The Story of Rene Lefebvre, Man of Wartime
  • Dr. Michael Berton, Perpetual War and Timely Peace
  • Marc S. Fisher, Frontline Doctrine - What is War and what is the war that we are in today?
  • Michael Stephens, The Turning Point of the War Between the States: Gettysburg 1863
  • Dr. Gabriel A. de Erausqin, Peace, War, and the Signs of the Times
  • Edwin Faust, A Unified Vision: soldier or priest; church or state?

Question and Answer

  • Is the Catholic Church opposed to war?
  • Has the Church given any conditions for the waging of a just war?