Angelus - July 2008

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  • Fr. Francois Laisney, Letter from the (Former) Editor
  • Bishop Bernard Fellay, Interviews with the Bishops of the SSPX
  • The Society of Saint Pius X
  • Sermon of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, The 1988 Episcopal Consecrations: The Bishop Speaks
  • Declaration of Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer, The 1988 Episcopal Consecrations: The Bishop Speaks
  • Robert Wyer, Betwixst and Between
  • Dwyer Quentin Wedvick, Heraldry and St. Pius X
  • Bishop Richard Williamson, Conservatives Fail to Conserve

Question and Answer

  • What do bishops of the SSPX do?
  • Does the disobedience of the 1988 Episcopal consecrations constitute a schismatic act?
  • Could the traditional movement have existed without the four bishops consecrated in 1988?

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