Angelus July 2009

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  • Fr. Markus Heggenberger, Letter from the Editor
  • Jesus Christus Magazine, Interview with Bishop de Galarreta
  • Dr. David Allen White, An Introduction to Solzhenitzy, Part 2
  • Fr. Peter Gumpel, S.J., Pius XII and the Attitude of the Catholic Church During World War II, Part 3
  • Fr. Paul Robinson, Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter, Oh My!
  • Scott Quinn and William F. Quinn, The Origin and Causes of the Spanish Civil War
  • Fr. Matthias Gaudron, Catechism of the Crisis in the Church, Part 25

Church and World

  • Press Release by Fr. Frey, Rector of the Seminary of Zaitzkogen Regarding the Priestly Ordinations of June 2, 2009
  • Secret Vatican II - Soviet Agreement Confirmed
  • Pope Benedict XVI Proclaims a Special Year of the Priest


  • The Blindness of Catholics: Part 2
  • Political Modernism: The Negation of Christ the King

Question and Answer

  • Is it a sin to attend the Novus Ordo Mass?
  • Can grace be received by those who attend the New Mass?